Summer cleaning of your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners function day and night during summers, and may require regular servicing; as after a few years, the efficiency reduces. Dirt and grime build-up can damage your appliance and its efficiency.
Skilled AC repairing professionals from AC Maintenance Plan Lake Worth can help you out in AC servicing and maintenance.

Summer cleaning of your appliance

Like every other appliance in your house, your Air Conditioner too needs your love and care. So make sure to clean the coils and ducts regularly and hire experienced technicians for its servicing.
Annual tune-up before summers can keep your Air Conditioner up and running for a long time.

Changing your appliance’s air filter

Cleaning the Air filter would help improve the performance of your Air Conditioner. Additionally, it would also improve the air quality and save your room from pollutants.

Cleaning the air ducts

The airflow is hindered or blocked if the air ducts are clogged. Call a good technician who would be able to clean the air ducts properly.

Checking the pipe’s insulation

The cooling pipes connecting the inner and outer units, if not well-integrated, might cause problems and you may end up losing a lot of coolants.

Inspecting the wiring
Since the appliance works on power, make sure to check the status of the wiring. A poor wiring condition can be dangerous for the appliance as well as for the user.

Upgrading the device with a programable thermostat and changing the thermostat

Most of the commercial buildings use thermostats to control the temperature. You can always upgrade your Air Conditioner with a programable thermostat so that it is easy to control the temperature.

Cleaning the compressor

The outdoor unit of an Air Conditioner is called the compressor. Since the unit is placed outside, it is vulnerable to dust and grime build-up. You can use a hose can clean off the dry debris, while a coil cleaning solution spray can be used to clean the coils.

If you’re looking for AC repair services, consider hiring professionals from AC Maintenance Plan Lake Worth and keep your appliance up and running for long!

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