Servicing an AC is Important

The hot and humid weather in South Florida makes it mandatory for houses and businesses to have air conditioners. This puts a lot of pressure on the unit’s vital components, which will cause them to wear out faster.

To ensure your system lasts longer the homeowner will need to do some simple monthly maintenance. Changing the filter and adding an algaecide once a month is all that is needed. Once or twice a year your AC company should check your unit and perform any additional maintenance.

What are the common maintenance services a professional technician will perform? Here is the list of things that technicians do for AC service Palm Beach.

  1. AC compressor service
  2. Air handler service
  3. Condenser repair
  4. Evaporator coil cleaning
  5. AC tune-ups
  6. Ductless and mini-split systems repair
  7. Filter replacement
  8. Thermostat repair

Yearly professional maintenance ensures that your system will work effectively, no matter what the temperature is. The more efficiently your system functions, the cooler you will feel and the more money you will save.

Reasons to get professional AC service Palm Beach done:

  1. Air conditioners accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over time becoming less efficient
  2. Regular servicing improves the life span of the AC
  3. It reduces the chance of a water leakage problem
  4. It keeps the motor in good working condition
  5. Inconsistent cleaning cycles results in wear and tear of the AC parts
  6. Irregular cleaning can make the condenser fail to function
  7. The drainpipe becomes blocked if proper and regular cleaning is not done

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