A few prime reasons to buy a new air conditioner

An air conditioner may last for 10 years or more, but you should change the appliance before it becomes more than a decade old. Your AC could be working well till 8 years, but after that, you might end up investing more on repair or energy bills. Moreover, an old air conditioner has the risk of delivering poor quality of air which might be bad for your health.

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Here are a few reasons for why you must consider replacing your air conditioner well before its official end of life date.

1. Energy expenses
Did you know that replacing your decade-old air conditioner can help reduce 60% of your energy expenses? It is quite significant when the appliance is consuming more energy than it should. The new models are manufactured using technology that helps reduce energy consumption. Make sure to look for the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating while purchasing an air conditioner.

2. Warranty issues
Air conditioners that are more than a decade old may need repair and maintenance, as they might have outlived the warranty period, making the parts replacement and maintenance costly. Moreover, when the appliance is more than 8-10 years old, the parts are often not available in the market.

3. Air quality concerns
If you think that you’ll face air pollution while you’re out, think again. The quality of air inside your room can be affected by mold, smoke, chemicals, radon, and so on. If you are spending more time living indoors, you might get affected by the poor air quality delivered by the old air conditioner. Prolonged exposure may cause serious lung problems as well.

A new air conditioner is often a better choice than repair and servicing the old one, and proper installation is needed for optimum performance of the appliance. If you are looking for good AC servicing/installation technicians, consider hiring services from AC Installation Lake Worth.

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